PowerPad Guitar Strap by Ibanez

June 9, 2019 - Reading time: 2 minutes

Think about it. When you own more than one guitar, you will find you may need an additional guitar strap..

For some time, I have wanted to get a decent strap. Since I love Ibanez guitars, I thought to myself;

"Why not get an Ibanez strap?"

So a few days ago, i grabbed one from ebay.

This, is the Ibanez Powerpad Strap. (details below)


The Ibanez POWERPAD GSF50 guitar strap is a well padded, easily adjustable, and provides a fluid and comfortable guitar playing experience. The smooth polyester surface accommodates shoulder movement whilst playing, and the soft POWERPAD reduces the amount of strap pressure on your shoulder. Both strap ends offers smooth and quick strap length adjustment, so that you can set your guitar to the right position easily. Available in two lengths and three colors.

Length: 1,150mm-1,350mm (45"-53").

Comes in red, black or brown.

THis strap is very comfortable and it does reduce alot of stress from your shoulder.

Highly recommended.


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