Torment - The War They Feed CD Review

Posted in Music by Aaron B. on January 23, 2021

I came across this band by way of one of the many Youtube channels that I am subscribed to. After listening to a song or two, I was hooked and had to order this album.

This is my first time (ever) listening to the band Torment. After doing some research via various search engines, I learned a good deal on this band. (Well worth it, too.)

Formed in Italy back in May of 2002. Torment started out for the first year as a cover band covering songs from thrash greats such as Slayer, Destruction, Possessed and various others. In 2007 they recorded their first full-length album “Suffocated dreams”. In 2012 they released their second full length album “The Damage Is Done” and in November of 2020 they released their third studio release entitled “The War They Feed”.

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Now, lets get to the review. I received my copy two weeks ago. I ordered it back in 2020 but it shipped from Italy, so that explains the transit time being what it was.

I’ll start off and say this, this album will feed the hunger you may have been having for good old school style thrash.

From start to finish, this is a real treat. The songs on this album are indeed hard hitting and brutal. The guitars, bass and drums sound so solid and tight. The vocals drive hard and fit well with the style of music. The songs have great tempo changes. This album is a gem.

Torment - The War They Feed
Label: Punishment 18 Records
Format: CD, Album
Country: Italy
Released: Nov 7, 2020
Genre: Metal
Style: Thrash

Line-Up on CD:

Gius - Drums
Fabri - Vocals & Guitars
Ugo - Bass

01. Power Abuse
02. Nothing to Tell
03. Paralysis
04. The War They Feed
05. The Tunnel
06. Explode
07. Greed
08. Alienation (Instrumental)
09. Survival