Inhuman Condition - Rat God CD Review

Posted in Music by Aaron B. on June 05, 2021

The wait is over. The cd from Inhuman Condition is now available.

Yesterday (06/04/2021), my copy of Rat God by Inhuman Condition arrived to my mailbox. I recall preordering this after learning about it a couple months ago via Bandcamp.

Inhuman Condition Bandcamp page

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Here are some background details on the band. Excerpt is from the official bandcamp page:

Formed in the fall of 2020, Inhuman Condition rose from the ashes of what was to be a new Massacre album written by Jeramie Kling (also of Venom Inc, The Absence, Goregäng, FORE) and Taylor Nordberg (The Absence, Goregäng, FORE). The duo teamed up with fellow former Massacre member Terry Butler (Obituary, also ex-Death/Six Feet Under) and finished their debut album "Rat°God" out on June 4, 2021.

Jeramie Kling - Vocals/Drums
Terry Butler - Bass
Taylor Nordberg - Guitar

1. Euphoriphobia 02:37
2. The Neck Step 03:41
3. Planetary Paroxysm 03:30
4. Killing Pace 03:03
5. Gravebound 04:10
6. Tyrantula 03:49
7. Rat°God 03:23
8. Crown Of Mediocrity 04:11
9. Fait Accompli 04:18

And now, my 2 cents...

After reading that this band was formed and an album was coming, I was excited since the members are from other bands that I have enjoyed over the years.

Then, sample songs were made available via IC's bandcamp page and youtube as well. The first song I had heard was Tyrantula. Upon listening to this song, I was reminded at how much I loved the old school death metal sound. I could hear elements of Massacre, Death and Obituary.

I took time and listened to the CD in its entirety and my verdict, GET THIS CD!! If you enjoy the old school style death metal, this will be the one to get.

If you get a chance, check out the bandcamp page and youtube and give this band a listen. Well worth it.