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Dead Tree Seeds - Push The Button CD Review Part Two

Here is part 2 of the cd review for Dead Tree Seeds - Push The Button. Sorry it took longer than expected but life happens. So here we go.

Dead Tree Seeds - Push The Button CD Review Part One

I recently picked up this album via bandcamp.

Book Of Boba Fett 1st Episode

enter image description here

Just watched the first episode of Book Of Boba Fett. I can honestly say, I was impressed. The story is well paced. I had been waiting to see this since the post credit scene from last episode of The Mandalorian Season Two.

Into 2022

Hard to believe we have reached 2022 already. Feels like 2021 was still going. Happy New Year.

Site Updates 2021

What can I say? 2021 has been a crazy year. Sometimes life happens and we have things to attend to that may interfere with things we normally do.